Branded Entertainment? What is that?!

Online audiences are all over the place today, and becoming increasingly difficult to reach in a really meaningful way. Luckily for us, there's branded entertainment, which is having a very aggressive resurgence. So, what is branded entertainment exactly? Well, it's an entertainment based marketing strategy, focused on producing stories that resonate with consumers and helps create an emotional connection directly to your brain.

And this is so important, because it's really validated the idea that consumers can connect with brands in a really meaningful way, without brands having to force advertising on them. It all comes back to the idea that people like to be educated and entertained, not sold to. And there are a lot of reputable companies who have utilized the technique of branded entertainment in a really powerful way.

Companies like Audi. Companies like Skittles. And everyone's favorite company, Blendtec. Will it Blend? Will it Blend is so remarkable, because it has such a super simple concept, literally. They're putting anything you can imagine into their Blendtec blenders, which is their product, and blending it.

I mean, if it can blend an iPad, it's going to blend your ice. And, it started out so inexpensive, but it's gone viral in scale and now it's a world renowned brand. And ultimately, when you look at what it's done for their bottom line, it's increased Blentec's sales by 700 percent. Unlike a lot of other brands, who may have star power and money to help finance a campaign, Blendtec had the best ingredient of all.

They had an idea. Maybe you do too.

Branded Entertainment is back and having some incredible impacts on brands who utilize it. What is Branded Entertainment exactly? Watch this video to find out!

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