Top video trends for 2012!

Our Predictions For Online Video in 2012

Users will continue to watch more and more video on phones and less and less video on the computer.

A recent info graphic showed that 50% of mobile users watched 1/4 of a long video where as only 30% of Desktop users watched 1/4 of a long form video. And even more shocking 40% of mobile users reached the 3/4 mark of a long form video when only about 18% of the desktop users last 3/4 of the way through the video. This state is great for video producers because it shows that mobile users are more likely than ever to stay engaged through the majority of a long video.  And I think in 2012 with the growth of the tablet market these numbers will split even more where less and less people will stay engaged on the computer and more and more people will stay engaged on mobile.  The most interesting part of the info graphic for us is that desktop users spend 53% of there video time watching 1-3 minute videos where as tablet users spend 50% of there time watching 6+ minute videos and 40% of that coming from 10+ minute videos!! It is a great sign to see that people really are watching more than just cat videos these days.

YouTube will continue it’s amazing growth this year and really will become known for more than just cat videos and webcam videos.

YouTube’s original partners will start to help shift the tide of content on YouTube to higher quality content and with the ever increasing availability of video technology for lower prices it will become even cheaper and faster to producer better videos for YouTube to increase your brand awareness and online presence.

Content will still be king.

All technology aside your goal should be to  produce the best possible content you can. HD, 4K , RED and all these other technology buzzwords are great and can make your video better but first and foremost focus on making the content rock.  To many people today get caught up in gear and buzzwords instead of getting caught up on making powerful content that leaves your audience begging for more.

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