4 Great Benefits to Using Online Video

A lot of organizations that we have had the opportunity to mingle with have asked us, "What are the benefits to using online video?" And there are a lot of them, but today I'm gonna talk about the four greatest benefits of using online video. Technology has really evolved to the point where we can start marrying video in search.

In today's market, if you're not found in the search engine on the first page like Google and Bing you simply don't exist. With caption technology and transcription technology it's easy to take the dialog that's in your video and turn it into text that you can find via search engines. YouTube does this with their interactive video transcripts and your video being able to being transcribed in a way that search engines can find and it'd so important 'cause it makes you 50 times more likely to be found on the first page of Google and Bing and lets talk a little about brand building for a second which is the second great benefit of using online video.

Video simply makes your organization more human. It puts a face to the name, it gives personality to the people. It makes your brand more real to the consumer by creating emotional connections which are the most important connections you can make to an audience and by creating an emotional connection with your audience, you increase your user retention rate.

Which is the third great benefit of using an online video. Psychologically, humans retain 7 percent of simple text or word communication. They retain 38 percent of information if it's based on voice and tone, and they retain information 55 percent of the time if it's a combination of body language, voice and tone.

Which is exactly what video is. So half the time when people watch your video, they're going to remember what the information that you talked about. The fourth really great benefit we see to online video is its longevity. It doesn't go away if you put it online. Unless you or another administrator removes it or it gets removed by a third party.

Video isn't broadcast where it has a controlled system of distribution and always nationally it doesn't have steep rates to broadcast your video. Video online is national by default without the high cost. So, let's recap everything that we is talked about. Video improves your search presence making you 50 times more likely to be on the first page.

And as a human to your bread. Helping consumers connect with you in a more meaningful way. Your audience will retain your information in a more profound way than strictly static base content. And online video lasts forever improving your ROI and is broadcasting nationally without steep costs.

There are many benefits for brands using online video.  But what are the greatest benefits of all?  Click play to watch our video blog!

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