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Remember when soap operas were funded by soap companies? That era is back, and video is the explosive medium behind both the content and the commerce. Its time to connect.

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Branded Entertainment? What is that?!

Branded Entertainment?  What is that?!

Branded Entertainment is back and having some incredible impacts on brands who utilize it. What is Branded Entertainment exactly? Watch this video to find out!

4 Great Benefits to Using Online Video

4 Great Benefits to Using Online Video

There are many benefits for brands using online video.  But what are the greatest benefits of all?  Click play to watch our video blog!


Quanti Studios' Services

Step 1


This is where it all begins. Where are you now? How can video take you to where you want to be? What niche are you trying to connect with? What distribution platforms will act as touch points for your consumer? We do the homework necessary to begin….

Step 2

Concept Development

Preproduction at its finest. Client specific creative is developed, treatments are pitched, storyboards are approved , scripts are written so that you will have a full understanding of your video before it is put into…

Step 3


We bring it all to life!  Whether on location or in studio, your video is shot to spec and prepared for….

Step 4

Post Production

Your video is stitched together shot by shot, motion graphics are added, special effects are applied, color correction takes place – everything needed to make your product real and effective before its time for….

Step 5


Helping you find all the right places for your niche audience to experience it and make a connection.  What good is your video if the right people don’t see it?  We make sure it’s seen.


Quanti Studios is a video production house that specializes in big ideas and pristine outcomes, and who works with clients of every genre.

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Altar TV Informational Video

Still in its infancy, Altar TV needed a tool to help generate interest about its brand, mission and affect on an evolving music industry to potential investors, A level artist and talented producers.  Watch as Altar TV’s key players lay it all out.

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Commercial i

NoWait Host App: How It Works

We recently embarked on a project everyone was very excited to work on for NoWait app. They produce a great app for the iPad that lets restaurant simplify the hosting process. This video really was one of those times where it came to life just how we imagined it. We hope you enjoy it!

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Client List

  • Adobe
  • Walking Tree Travel
  • Vox Mobile
  • UPMC
  • Outlaw Studios
  • Garret
  • EMP
  • Drusky Entertainment
  • Altar TV


  • chad

    Chad Calcagno Chief Executive Officer

  • img_alex

    Alex Drizos Executive Producer

  • img_brandon

    Brandon Snyder Producer Extraordinaire

  • img_jordan

    Jordan Tomb Chief Editor

  • img_phillip

    Phillip Atkins Director of Photography

  • beeper

    Ben “Beeper” Perkins Assistant Editor


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